The Dark Side of Finland



Name: Warren Mclachlan
Phone: +61 (0)400 655 703
Mail: P.O.Box 2081 Strathpine Centre 4500 Qld Australia


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  1. haukipesukone
    August 17, 2013

    Hi Warren. I’m Finnish and I heard your story on Red Ice. Is there a Finnish translation of your book or story? It would be a good step for making your story known in Finland.

  2. Les Thomas
    August 18, 2013

    Just listened to you on RedIce and it really made me sad for you and your kids
    Please don’t give up the fight (not that you have for all this time)
    Best wishes, Les

  3. francoise
    August 21, 2013

    Hi Warren,
    I listened to you interview on red ice creations. You need to use the law and NOT the legal side. (check Dean Clifford : both sides of the story)
    you can also check Karl Lentz. he got his child back (he was taken from hospital at birth without his consent) and apparently helps people with that too.
    there you will find these links:

    and I have one question about the picture you have on your site and shows you with your children in 2011. I thought one was with an adoptive family and the other in a centre for children so how did you get them together like this?
    did you get them back finally? I am a bit puzzled…

  4. Karenkelly Maguire
    August 22, 2013

    Just finished listening to your Red Ice Radio Interview, Warren. I was very impressed , you came across very well, articulate , persuasive and it was very, saddening to hear of your struggle to save your kids. I hope you get the help you need to get them out of there, I think you will, keep strong. It was very moving and angering to hear of such stupidity, incompetence, cruelty and injustice. I could go on and on but it’s late. Well done mate and chin up.

  5. Kristian
    August 25, 2013

    Hi Warren,
    Can certainly sympathize with your case which I am currently listening to on Red Ice Radio. Having found myself in a similar position with courts/solicitors and multi-letter agencies here with my own children here in the UK.

    Your case reminding me of the case of Nigel Cooper – until recently the senior security consultant for NATO, who has had his daughter stolen by the UK government, despite an order from the Hague that she should be returned to him, he gave on extended interview on UK Column recently.

    Of which the video interview is available to watch here.
    Nigel Cooper has now banned from entering the UK for ten years and who has had to leave his home in Belgium following death threats following the interview.

  6. Dee Miller
    November 3, 2013

    The behavior of everyone in Finland concerned with your case is so unreasonable from the outset of your story, I need to ask a few questions. Is the experience of your children the normal one for divorced parents in Finland? Are there no cases in Finland where the parents just get divorced and share custody without either of the parents being punished and the children’s upbringing interfered with by the state? Are there no divorced parents from different countries that have worked out a reasonable visitation agreement voluntarily? Do all divorced fathers in Finland suffer this type of injustice? Is there a stigma or penalty in Finland against mothers who would give the divorced father reasonable visitation, or give custody of the children to the father and then have visitation rights? Did your wife have to allege that you were guilty of something in order to obtain a divorce? There seems to be no justice for you or any reasonableness on the side of any authority involved in your case that it just doesn’t make any sense that no one has any compassion or empathy for your situation at all. What kind of drugs are your wife under the influence of. Has she ever sought help for her behavior toward William? Perhaps she was suffering from postpartum depression and has never been treated for it or whatever else was causing her behavior. As for William’s behavior, I cannot imagine a healthy child reacting in any other way to such an abnormal way of being treated by almost all the other adults he has known in his life except for his father and a few kindly relatives, which he was with for only a short time in his life.

    • darksideoffinland
      January 11, 2014

      Thank you for your message Dee Miller .
      Please Email me (mclachlanww and then at and then ymail and then dot and then com)
      Or Facebook (warren william mclachlan)
      Much easier to give you more Information that way .
      Thank you .
      Best wishes , Warren .

  7. Pangelle
    January 9, 2014

    a message posted on red ice members :

    “I have been five months tardy! How the sweep of momentary life inconspicuously puts time between us and the imperative, urgent intent of our hearts to . . . “DO SOMETHING!”.

    “Sultanas for William”, was an idea for one campaign that Red Ice Radio members, as individuals, could participate in easily and economically – I imagined envelopes from all over the globe, containing different brands of sultanas, converging on the place where ‘they’ have William, to his and his Dad’s astonishment, joy and nourishment (sure, maybe they wouldn’t be given to William but the inspirational energy and solidarity message would not be lost – we used to do this type of kind, creative action during the anti-apartheid era).

    This sort of response can also assist in ameliorating the violating experience of extreme, though appropriate, emotions, so that we re-balance in order to sustain effectivity.

    Warren’s go-ahead and William’s address would be needed.”

    Warren, an empathetic hello to you and your sons. What news, now in 2014? My family and I would LOVE to post sultanas to William. If you deem this a good idea, I would need his postal address – I will also email you directly so that you have a way of forwarding the postal details to me, should you so decide. (Not sure if wordpress forms show you the email address I am about to fill in.)

    “Buwa” – Strength, Courage (a word from African languages and also Gaelic)

  8. Sharon Wilcox
    January 18, 2014

    I would suggest you continue to use the media to get your message out. Suggestions:
    best of luck, Sharon

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